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We all take pride in Arden’s high performance culture. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and a wide range of industries. We share best practices by working collaboratively to deliver new and exciting outdoor living solutions in an open environment that encourages the free-flowing exchange of ideas, support, and recognition. Colleagues learn from each other and gain exposure to all processes, departments, and products. We believe that openly sharing ideas and knowledge is the best way to ensure continued strength and success.



Part of what makes Arden so dynamic is the variety of backgrounds and experiences of its employees. We understand that diversity is integral to our success and welcome it. We take pride in having a safe workplace where fairness and non-discriminatory practices are guaranteed.

Recognition Programs

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our talented employees! A-Team awards can be given by any employee to any employee and are recognized company-wide. The annual Chairman’s Award is given to six Arden employees nominated by their peers from all over the world and celebrated at a special dinner every September in Michigan.


Arden is vigorously committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment at all our locations. Extensive safety training is performed at each of our manufacturing facilities and regular disaster drills are carried out across our network. Because of everyone’s careful attention and adherence to regulation, our facilities proudly maintain stellar safety records.

STEPS Forward

The STEPS Forward Committee aims to enhance our workplace community by addressing the needs of our employees while maintaining expectations and work/life balance. We are continually working to make Arden Companies a great place to work!