Engineering & Manufacturing Back to Innovation

To ensure we maintain our position as an industry leader in the outdoor market, our Engineering and Manufacturing operations are at the forefront of product design and production. These teams, which are at all our U.S. facilities and our China office, also research ways to increase production efficiency and execution. Best practices are communicated between plants and then implemented to ensure consistency throughout our global network.

Non-Woven Poly Operations

Our Non-Woven Poly team focuses on producing the highest quality polyfill on the outdoor market by using rigorous testing protocols and has even designed advanced testing equipment to ensure current and future products meet customer expectations.

Arden has also established strong partnerships with the leading universities in textile development, such as NC State College of Textiles, to research and develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly forms of cushion fill and bring more manufacturing back to the United States. We are currently using recycled poly fibers for our fill and developing even more advanced alternatives, while continuing to focus on comfort, support, and durability.


At our heart, we are a manufacturing company that produces quality products that people enjoy outdoors. Arden’s expert manufacturing team works diligently to perfect the techniques of sewing, filling, finishing, and shipping products to our retail customers. Our focus on LEAN manufacturing principles minimizes non-value-added work and unevenness in production. This, coupled with Arden’s waste reduction programs, results in an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process.