Global Supply Chain Back to Innovation

Making Sure We’re Connected Around the World

Meeting consumer demand is vital to our retailers’ success, and our team’s expertise helps them do that. Arden’s global supply chain is made up of 20+ facilities worldwide totaling over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space. With facilities strategically located across the US and Asia, we can quickly adapt to shifts in the world economy and deliver consistently high-quality goods at competitive costs.


Our forecasting process begins with analyzing and predicting consumer demand. To do this, the team collaborates with several groups internally including marketing, design, and sales. The team also works externally with our retail partners on replenishment strategies to ensure inventory is in the right place at the right time.

Production Planning

The production planning group manages over a dozen manufacturing sites worldwide. The planning team works closely with both domestic operations and our Asia office to orchestrate a plan that balances manufacturing and shifting consumer requirements.


Our Global Logistics Team ships to all Arden customers, both internal and external and prides itself on its vast knowledge of global transportation networks. We have experts in domestic and international custom regulations, North American trucking and parcel shipments, and international freight shipments. As a global manufacturer, we have the capability to ship around the world via any mode as needed 24/7.


The world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning tool has been implemented at Arden to help streamline our entire planning and production process. SAP supports the complexity of our global supply chain and the rising needs tomorrow’s business will demand.