Well-Being Back to Responsibility

Spending Time in Nature is Good for Everyone!

Our vision says it all: “Arden will inspire a sense of well-being through connectivity with nature.”  Achieving well-being means attaining a state of health, happiness, and prosperity. Not only do we promote well-being with our products, we strive to help our employees achieve well-being through our company practices.

 A series of studies1 has shown that being outside in nature for just 20 minutes in a day is enough to boost vitality significantly. The research found mental and physical health benefits, including increased energy and greater resistance to physical illness. Another study2  demonstrated that exposure to nature makes people focus more on community and connect with others. In addition, the stress levels in children decreases within minutes of seeing green spaces.3 Being outdoors increases Vitamin D levels and may also reduce ADHD symptoms,5  improve distance vision, and reduce the chance of nearsightedness.6