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Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

Fort Wayne, IN

Associate’s Degree & Equivalent Experience

Shipping & Receiving

Minimum of 5 Years (Related Experience)

Salaried, Full-Time

Primary Responsibilities:

•Responsible for onboarding, training, mentoring, and communicating performance expectations for warehouse personnel.
•Ensure safety rules and regulations are being followed by operators and leads on warehouse floor
•Ensure all company policies are being followed; examples are phones, ear buds, open cups, etc.
•Communicate topics to Warehouse Leads for pre-shift team meetings and alternate auditing these meetings for consistency and engagement.
•Fills in for Warehouse Leads when they are absent
•Assist with projects as needed
•Assist Warehouse Manager and Shipping and Receiving Supervisor with timely and accurate transferring of employees in time clock system – eTime. Leveraging Warehouse Leads for support in tracking and reporting the transfers.
•Assist Warehouse Manager and Shipping and Receiving Supervisor in the daily pulling, staging, and loading of product for shipment.
•Assist management as needed; translate in meetings, special projects, continuous improvement/innovations, etc.
•Distribute shipping schedule and any subsequent updates to Warehouse leads
•Monitors routine to maximize efficiency of equipment and manpower in the movement, flow, quality, and separation of outbound orders from production and warehousing to loading.
•Inspects daily shipments.

Required Skills:
•Strong verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills; interaction with a variety of skill and experience levels within the organization. Bilingual English / Spanish is helpful.
•Comfortable looking up information in various data bases (training provided)
•Must be able to bend, twist, stoop, stand and walk for at least 3 hours at a stretch, over a 10 hour shift, with 15 minute breaks.
•Must be able to lift, push and pull up to 50 lbs.
•Prior shipping and receiving experience preferred.

Training Provided:
•Use of data bases – PLM, SAP, Excel, Sharepointe
•Safety training
•New Manager training

Growth Opportunities Available:

As a member of our team we encourage promotion from within and cross training. As part of the inventory support team you would be working with Production Teams, Warehouse Teams and the Plant Leadership teams regularly. Future growth paths could include; Inventory, warehouse support, shipping clerk, or production support.

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