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Arden Companies is America’s leading manufacturer and marketer of outdoor cushions, pillows, and pet beds. We have three manufacturing plants in the United States, a corporate office just north of Detroit, an office in Dallas, and offices in China and Taiwan.


Inspiration is everywhere at Arden and at the core of everything we do. It permeates every aspect of our business from our design and marketing teams to our management and manufacturing teams. We study trends from across the globe and collaborate with America’s largest retailers to give you the latest in inspired fabric and innovative designs both in aesthetic and in function.


Arden has a long history as a market leader in our business, which means we have a depth of data unparalleled in the industry. Our analytics teams utilize this data to provide industry benchmarks, demographics, regional indicators, and other relevant variables to our retailers. Color, pattern, design, cost, and key product characteristics are monitored to ensure a quality product.


Our design teams deliver a specialized focus for retailers that touches the full range of a product’s life cycle. These teams anticipate consumer needs as we develop new products and decorative techniques that keep us at the forefront of innovation. They also focus on creating beautiful, strategic and trend forward assortments that the customer can’t wait to take home.


Together with our engineering teams, our manufacturing facilities provide efficient production and product that meets the highest standards. We have three plants strategically located across the United States near the main distribution hubs for America’s largest retailers. These plants provide us with flexibility and a quick reaction time for our dynamic, seasonal business.


Aside from our terrific smiles…


We work in a progressive environment that challenges you to be your best. At Arden there is no lack of enthusiasm, passion or energy among our talented and friendly team members. Our culture is welcoming as well as supportive and our diversity makes Arden a dynamic workplace with various backgrounds and experiences shared among our teammates.


We believe that providing a safe work environment for all of our employees at all company locations is critical. We have extensive safety training and disciplines throughout all of our network facilities that address operational safety and natural disaster concerns. The attention to detail we have provided in these programs allows all of our locations to proudly boast stellar safety records and over 30 years without a lost time accident.


Being involved in the community means building strong supportive relationships that bridge the gaps between business and people. To do this, we provide opportunities through our Arden Gives Back Program for teammates to provide volunteer work and donate to charitable causes. Whether we’re helping out at local food banks or giving back to those in need through school and clothing drives, we encourage everyone to participate in a program that matches their interest.


The health and happiness of our teammates is a priority for us. That’s why we offer a variety of benefits from personal and family health to work/life balance and financial security that help teammates in a meaningful way. We are also proud to provide long standing support of education through academic scholarships for our employees and their families.


We celebrate and recognize the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of our talented teammates. Our High-Five Awards are one way which we immediately recognize teammate accomplishments and successes. Also, our Annual President’s Award allow us the opportunity to recognize, as a company, those teammates that have been valued as high performers, innovators, and safety conscientious employees each year at our corporate headquarters. These are just a few of the programs we’ve established to honor our teammates who truly excel in their performance.


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Our History

Every company has a foundation story. This one is ours. Bob and Martie Sachs, 23 and 22 years of age respectively, founded Arden in 1964 as a broker and distributor of household cleaning products.  Since then, their goal has remained the same, to make sure that Arden is “a source of pride for its people” and that the corporate motto, “On time, Complete and Correct,” never loses its significance.

Our Culture

A company’s culture is the lifeblood that drives the company forward and has the power to directly influence its prosperity. At Arden, our culture is focused on a sense of community. We believe that, by getting to know our neighbors, we will discover new ways to achieve greater success together. It is through this culture that we are able to produce both beautiful products and a workplace that we are proud to represent.

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